Matthias Ehrenberg
Partner / Excutive Producer

Matthias is the founder of Rio Negro Productions and Barracuda Films, as well as a partner of Cinenómada México. He has more than 30 international productions that support him as a producer. The musical drama “Gloria”, inspired by the most controversial female pop/rock icon of Gloria Trevi, was nominated in 14 categories by the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences winning 5 statuettes.

In addition, he was producer of the famous and successful film “Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas” by Antonio Serrano. “The Other Family”, directed by Gustavo Loza; “Chance” of Abner Beniam; Fernando Lebrija’s first film “Amar a morir”; “Fibra Optica” by Francisco Athie; “The Daughter of the Cannibal” by Antonio Serrano; “Vivir Mata” de Nicolás Echeverría; “Chronicle of a Breakfast” by Benjamin Cann and “The Blue Room” by Walter Doehner. “Before nightfall” is a film directed by Julian Schnabel and starring Javier Bardem, who won his first Oscar nomination for best actor for his interpretation of the Cuban writer and poet Reinaldo Arenas.

He is also a producer of the film adaptation of Jorge Franco’s Colombian novel, “Rosario Tijeras”, directed by Emilio Maillé, who was nominated for Goya as the best Spanish-speaking film. In 2014, he released the American remake of “Elsa & Fred”, directed by Michael Radford and starring Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer.

He is currently in the postproduction process of the Mexican remake of the argentinian film “Corazon de León” and is also developing “Soren”, a road movie inspired by the love relationships of today’s youth.