Culture Lounge is a cultural platform for people to ‘lounge’, read, interact and learn from locals in Spain. Whether people are visiting the country or not, this serves as an informative and authentic resource for anyone eager to gain a genuine understanding of the true essence of this country.

Over the years a lot people, especially youngsters, have left Spain due to its failing economy. There are however, people who have remained. These are locals who believe in their roots and believe it is a country that’s full of diversity and innovation. There is also a large and increasingly growing population of expats, many of whom have lived in Spain for years and wouldn’t dream of living elsewhere.

So what is so special about this country? What does it have to offer? And what are the initiatives taking place that we don’t know about?

At Culture Lounge we go behind the scenes. We speak to long time expats and loyal locals about a variety of topics, all having to do with what it’s like to truly live in these cities. From dance, art, theatre, music, film, charities to homeless people and the economy, we bring the city to life through the eyes of its people.

Our mission at Culture Lounge is: To promote Spanish culture and innovation through community engagement and story telling, to visitors coming for work and/or pleasure who want to experience the essence of Barcelona and Madrid. We want to connect people and communities across borders and cultures through highlighting new ideas that facilitate positive change and new experiences. Through the information we share we’ll illustrate the unique talents of local people whose concepts are innovative and unique to Spain.