Old Slaughterhouse Madrid

Located in the city’s former municipal slaughterhouse, this complex of 48 buildings is now a multifunctional space dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Although some of those buildings are still abandoned, the rest have been rehabilitated and now serve as an exhibition and theater room. Among the most important ships of Matadero Madrid are the Music, with recording studios, rehearsal rooms and even a small stage; that of Spanish, for the performing arts; the House of the Reader, with literature as the protagonist; the Design Center, where interesting samples and markets are organized; and the Cineteca, the first and only room in the country dedicated almost exclusively to non-fiction cinema. Concerts and festivals are also organized in its large square. The space also has a couple of coffee shops with a terrace and a bicycle rental shop.

Address: Plaza de Legazpi,8, 28045, Madrid
Opening hours: Every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Transport: Legazpi (M: L3, L6)
Price: Free