Naval Battle of Valllecas 2019

The Naval Battle of Vallecas will hold its 38th edition on July 14th. A different party, which attracts a growing number of locals and tourists and in which the good atmosphere is guaranteed. Here are five reasons why you should not miss it. Yes, prepare to go home past water.

1. For the heat. Because otherwise? Fighting against the suffocating and dry heat of the month of July is the main purpose of the Naval Battle of Vallecas. After all, this is the hottest month of Madrid’s summer and there are few better ways to combat the high temperatures than with water. Squirts, hoses, globazos, cubes … Water from corners, windows, roofs and portals. Water for everyone and always with fun and good humor by flag. After all, it’s about enjoying.

2. For its history. It was the summer of 1981 and mercury marked 40 degrees in the shade. A group of young people who participated in the festivities of Carmen decided to cool off, using the hydrants located on Peña Gorbea street, known as Bulevar de Vallecas. And so, what began as an innocent game ended up becoming a utopian claim: “Puerto de Mar for Vallecas”. A year later, 3,000 Vallecanos joined the party, which soon became a tradition strongly rooted in the neighborhood. Of course: throughout its history, the Naval Battle has had many difficulties: the first editions were marked by the police pursuit of the party. And in times of drought it was necessary to use the imagination: in 1993 foam was used and two years later, recycled water. Now even the Lonely Planet recommends it as one of the most original celebrations of the capital.

Various spaces, Madrid – Sunday 14 July 2019