Behind the scenes at Primavera Sound?

Q: Why do you enjoy playing at Primavera? 

A: Primavera is an incredibly well run festival. Artists are treated well (nice hotels, good meals), things run on time and the bands that play are often bands that we like. As well, before or after the show it’s fun to walk around and see legendary music. Our first Primavera we caught one of Grinderman’s last shows, just walking around.

Q: How is it unique to other venues you’ve played at?

A: Well, it’s a big festival and-they all have certain things in common, but the setting by the water, being able to dip your feet in the Mediterranean from backstage is pretty special.

Q: How would you characterise Barcelona’s music scene? Is there anything unique or special about it?

A: Barcelona is usually off the beaten track for us, even if we’re in Europe.  We almost always fly in and out for the gig and we’ve never had any time to really check out the city.

Q: Why do you think people enjoy Primavera so much?

A: Probably a combination of all of the above: A great location, amazing band selection, incredibly well run. Rarely in a festival have I seen all three.

Q: What would you like to see for future Primavera events? 

A: Things are getting hairy for music festival security these days. I hope things continue to stay safe. We all wish to spend more time here in the future and get to check out some local music as well.

Q: What can fans expect from the Suuns in the future? 

A: We’re working on a new record and have been for the past few months, little slivers at a time. We’re aiming to have it out around next year this time.