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Martin Aamund

Martin’s eclectic life experiences and sensible directorial eye have made him the award-winning director he is today. His knack for true-to-life emotional storytelling flourished when he started his film career directing documentary films for Channel 4 in the UK and France’s Canal Plus. But telling real stories wasn’t enough to satiate Martin’s aesthetic and creative side, so he dove right into advertising.

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Martin excels at imbuing his films with both humanity and beauty—making him a sought-after director for those who want both style and substance in their commercials. And despite the beauty and naturalism of his work, he likes to use humor and oddity to make his films memorable and unpredictable. The combination certainly works because he has proven his directorial know-how and been recognized with awards at the Epica, Clio, Cannes Lions, and New York Film festivals; and he has directed ads for the likes of McDonald’s, Nokia, Budweiser, Johnny Walker, and Peugeot.

Born in Denmark, Martin lived in Hong Kong, the United States, and Barcelona before returning to his roots in Copenhagen, where he currently resides with his family.