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Bucky Fukumoto

At the Girl Skateboard Company, Bucky focused on graphic design under the art direction of Andy Jenkins. Eventually, Bucky would leave Girl to pursue a career in motion graphics. In 1997, he joined Santa Monica-based FUEL Inc. (which later became Razorfish) as a designer and left three and half years later as an art/creative director.

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There, he designed and led projects ranging from commercial end tags and network packages totrans BUCKY FUKUMOTOweb-based animation and convergence media. In 2000, Bucky went freelance for a number of motion graphics companies such as Brand New School, Blind Visual Propaganda, Champion Graphics with Geoff McFetridge and Logan with Alexi Tylevitch and Ben Conrad. Bucky then found a home supporting Roman Coppola and others at The Directors Bureau.