Jonas Åkerlund


Renowned Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund is an internationally awarded director of music videos, commercials, documentaries, stage shows and feature films.

Jonas has directed music videos for the likes of Madonna, U2, Rolling Stones, Beyoncé, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Metallica, Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osbourne, Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, Smashing Pumpkins, Lenny Kravitz and Maroon 5 to name a few. His music video work has earned him several Grammy Awards, MTV Awards (including Best Director) and the prestigious MVPA Hall of Fame Award. As recently as late 2009 he won a coveted MVPA for the music video for Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. Jonas has also directed the award winning video “Telephone” for Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé.

Jonas received the highest regarded award in UK’s 2011 Music Video Awards. The Icon Award was presented to Jonas by Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran.

So far in 2011, Jonas has filled the year with several commercial shoots for Avon, Peugeot, JC Penney, and many more that are currently in post production. His most recent music videos include “Moves like Jagger” for Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera and “Hold it against me” for Britney Spears. Jonas has currently also several music videos in post production. Additionally, Jonas is in the last postproduction part for his 4th feature film “Small Apartments” that will premiere in 2012 – starring Matt Lucas, Billy Crystal, Johnny Knoxville, James Caan, amongst other prominent actors.

Jonas has directed television commercials for the likes of Dior, Hugo Boss, Sony, JC Penney, Avon, Dell, Volkswagen, Virgin, Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Ikea, Panasonic and Adidas, amongst others. In 2008 he directed the inaugural William Rast commercials, featuring Justin Timberlake. His series of colorful commercials for Swiftcover, featuring Iggy Pop, created a big stir in 2009 and continued to do so into 2010. His commercial work has earned Addy, Cannes Gold Lion and Cannes Grand Prix awards.

His art projects include creating and directing a circus in Stockholm during the Stockholm Cultural Year of 1998. Jonas has had exhibitions in Frankfurt and Seoul and in 2006 the exhibition: “A Jonas Åkerlund Experience” was shown in Stockholm. In 2009 alone Jonas directed “Place” – Featuring Mihkail Barysnikov and Ana Laguna for television, made an introduction film “Abba World” dedicated to the famous Swedish pop group Abba that is now showcased in their Abba World Tour, and ended the year collaborating with well known artist Francesco Vezzoli by directing “Moca”, a film about the musical held at the Los Angeles Moca museum’s 30th anniversary – Featuring Lady Gaga and the Ballet Russo.

Jonas has great experience in still photography. He has shot numerous portraits, album covers and fashion stories for magazines such as The Face, Elle, Flair, and V magazine to name a few.
Jonas has directed several documentaries and short films ranging on subjects of anti-racism (“Behind Enemy Lines”) and anti-drugs (“Try”) to the award winning documentary about Madonna (“I Am Going To Tell You A Secret”). Jonas also received critical acclaim and another Grammy for directing Madonna’s NBC Special “The Confessions Tour” in 2007.

His first feature film, “Spun”, starring Jason Schwartzmann, Brittany Murphy, John Leguizamo, Mena Suvari and Mickey Rourke premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival. Jonas’ third film, “Horsemen”, starring Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi was financed by Mandate Pictures and produced by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes. Horsemen premiered in 2009. As previously mentioned, Jonas is now in postproduction for his most recent film “Small Apartments”.

Jonas is the founder of the leading production company in Sweden, Renck Åkerlund Films. In the UK he is represented by Ridley and Tony Scott’s RSA/Black Dog Films for his commercial and music video work and Soixante Quinze in France as well as Anonymous/Serial Pictures in the US. He is represented by ICM and Management 360 for feature films. Jonas lives in Stockholm and Los Angeles.


2011 – UK MVA Awards – Icon Award.
2011 – Echo Awards – Best National Video for Rammsteins “Ich tu dir weh”.
2010 – MVA Awards – Lady Gaga feat Beyoncé ” Telephone” Best collaboration.
2009 – MVPA Awards – Lady Gaga “Paparazzi”
2008 – MVPA Awards – James Blunt “Same mistake”
2008 – Grammy – Madonna’s NBC Special “The Confessions Tour”
2008 – Silver Addy – Dell “Work it Out”
2007 – MVPA Hall of Fame – Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up”
2006 – Cannes Grand Prix 2006 – “GTI Campaign” Volswagen
2006 – Cannes Gold Lions – “Pimp my Auto” Volkswagen
2004 – MVPA Awards – Robbie Williams “Come Undone”
1998 – Grammy – Madonna ”Ray of Light”
1998 – The Swedish Grammy Jury’s special award
1997/1998 – several MTV, Video Music Awards – Madonna “Ray of Light” (including Best Video, Best Director)
1997/1998 – several MTV, Video Music Awards – Prodigy “Smack My Bitch Up”

Music videos

Rammstein – “Mein Land”
Duran Duran – “Girl Panic!”
Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – “Moves like Jagger”
Britney Spears – “Hold it against me”
Hollywood Undead – “Hear me now”
David Guetta ft Rihanna – “Who’s that chick?”
N.E.R.D – “Hot ‘n’ Fun”
Ozzy Osbourne – “Let me hear you scream”
Lady Gaga/ Beyonce – “Telephone”
Jennifer Lopez – “Fresh Out the Oven”
Rammstein – “Pussy”
Madonna – “Celebration”
Mika – “We are Golden”
Lady Gaga – “Paparazzi”
Pink – “Sober”
James Blunt – “Same Mistake”
Kid Rock – “Amen”
Maroon 5 – “Wake Up Call”
Madonna – “Jump”
Anouk – “Good God”
Primal Scream – “Country Girl”
Rolling Stones –“Rain fall down”
Rammstein-“Mann gegen Mann”
Bink 182 – “I miss you”
Robbie Williams – “Sexed up”
Blondie – “Good Boys“
Robbie Williams – “Come Undone”
Madonna – “American Life”
Christina Aguilera – “Beautiful”
Lenny Kravitz – “I Can Fall In Love Again”
Paul Mccartney – “Lonely Road”
Ozzy Osbourne – “Gets Me Through”
U2 – “Walk on“
U2 – “A beautiful day”
Madonna – “Music”
Smashing Pumpkins – “Try”
Moby – “Porcelain”
Iggy Pop – “Corruption”
Jamiroquai – “Canned Heat”
Metallica – “Whisky in a Jar”
Metallica – “Turn the Page”
The Cardigans – “My Favorite Game”
Madonna – “Ray of Light”
Prodigy – “Smack My Bitch Up”


Maybelline – “Lashionista”
Avon – “Outspoken” Fergie
Hugo Boss – “Just Different” Jared Leto
Peugeot – “308″
Dior “Addict” – Kate Moss
Hugo Boss – “Orange” Orlando Bloom
Swiftcover – “Bed and Boots”
Sony – “A Christmas Carol”
Halle Berry – Fragrance “Reveal”
Nikon -” Yacht & Tango” Featuring Ashton Kutcher
Doritos -”Night and Day” – “Rihanna”
Martini – “Gold”
Virgin – ” Crazy life”
JC Penney – “School” & “Event”
Mercedec – “C-Class”
Hugo Boss/Boss Orange – “Orlando Bloom”
Avon Magnify – “Reese Witherspoon”
Avon Outspken – “Fergie”
Dior Lady Rouge – “Marion Cottilard”
Halle Berry Fragrance – “Reveal”
Coca Cola – “Coca Cola Teens”
Citroen – “Staying Alive”
Target – “I Got A Feeling – Black Eyed Peas”
Dior Homme – “Jude Law”
Swiftcover – “Iggy Pop”
William Rast – “Justin Timberlake”
Virgin – “Samuel L. Jackson”
Dell – “Work It”
Sunsilk – “Mario Cam“
Panasonic – “Why Still Life”
VW – “Unpimp mein Auto”
TAB – “ Energy to Be A Woman”
Virgin Mobile Phones
FCUK- “Kinky bugger”
McDonalds – “ brand 2002”
Ikea – “ Go Cubic”
Smirnoff – “Make Over”
H&M Rocky – “Brave new world”

Shorts and features

Small Apartments, Feature Film – Morocco Junction / Deep Sky Entertainment
Hollywood Undead documentary – RSA Films/ Octone Records
William Rast short film – RSA Films
Horsemen, Feature Film – Mandate pictures/Platinum Dunes
Madonna Confessions Tour, NBC Special – RSA/Black Dog Films
I’m going to tell you a secret, Documentary – Lucky Lou Productions
Spun, Feature film- Muse Productions
Good Boys, Short Film – Renck Åkerlund Films
The Eye, Short Film – Pettersson Åkerlund
Try, Short Film – Pettersson Åkerlund
Turn the Page, Short Film – Pettersson Åkerlund
The Hidden , Short Film – Pettersson Åkerlund
Behind Enemy Lines, Short Film – Pettersson Åkerlund / TV4

Art projects

Moca 30th anniversary – Collaborated with Francesco Vezzoli
Place – Featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov and Ana Laguna, Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre 2009
A Jonas Åkerlund Experience, Dance museum Stockholm 2005/06
3’Frankfurt Schrin 2004
Media City Seuol 2000
Super Cirkör, live circus extravaganza – Super Cirkör 1998
kfurt Schrin 2004
Media City Seuol 2000
Super Cirkör, live circus extravaganza – Super Cirkör 1998

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