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To raise awareness amongst young people about cybercrime, Wefilm director Roel directed a personalised video in which the eastern European mobster Stanislav is gathering information on you (yes you) through social media platforms. Photos and information of you and your friends are intergrated in the film, in cooperation with Hyves (the Dutch Facebook). Stanislav is the most successful social media viral in the Netherlands, viewed over 2000 times a second on the top day. Stanislav reached 5 million views and 7 million forwards in the span of a single week and won 4 Cannes Lions, 2 Golden ADCN Lamps, Eurobest Gold, 3 SpinAwards, Esprix Gold and a SAN accent.


Wefilm created and produced a series of virals around Max the Hacker commissioned by IT company info support. The objective was to recruit young, talented programmers. Max hacks electronic information boards on Dutch highways, the database of the Dutch railways and the autocue of RTL4. After a month TV programs, radio stations and weblogs in more than 15 countries reported about Max and his extraordinary hacking skills. The series of virals is viewed over 27 million times, and thereby the Dutch viral with the most YouTube views ever!


In Holland everyone’s familiar with the typical British tourist who visit the country. So when the Dutch KPN television wanted to launch BBC as part of their channels, Wefilm created this viral around these typical British tourists. All is fine until they find there is no BBC in their TV. Thanks to these fine lads everyone in Holland can now enjoy BBC on their TV! Within it’s first day of release it reached over 200,000 views in 2011. This film was nominated for best Dutch viral by the NTR.


In an interactive billboard, Wefilm confronted people with their inactive behavious towards violence to public service employees. Wefilm used a live camera on the Lijnbaan (Rotterdam) and Rembrandtplein (Amsterdam) and combined it with an alpha layer of an ambulance worked hit by extreme violence, filmed in a blue screen studio. The camera positions are matched closely and the result is a (video) mirror in which bystanders are confronted with their own passive behaviour. The campaign was rewarded with a Bronze Cannes Lion, a Gold and Silver ADCN Lamp, a Silver Eurobest and a Silver Epica.