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Behind the Scenes Culture in Spain
S I W O: Electronic Afrofuturism

Looking for a touch of LIVE Electronic Afrofuturism?

Maybe you need a little break from the Xmas theme parties and want to enjoy en evening listening to some afrobeat hiphop?

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Full Moon Ride

If you dare to go night cycling to one of Barcelona´s curvy roads this is your chance

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Any INK-Addicts in the room?

Learn about whats going down the first week of October in Barcelona.

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Are you what you eat?

Get to know this local healthy community made up of independent reporters, nutrition experts, designers, and much more professionals that work together to create content all around their slogan: You are what you eat. source: www.etselquemenges.cat

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Barcelona Gallery Weekend is taking over the city

A unique weekend for you art lovers!
Check out the program for exhibits, guided routes on some artistic interventions on some of Barcelona´s most iconic spots.

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The first Coffee Festival in Spain lands in Barcelona

Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival is a anual venue that unites professionals and coffee lovers in Barcelona.
Don´t miss the chance to taste this delicacies!

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All Those Food Market is back!

All Those Food Market is back after the summer holidays. This September edition of the festival, includes a market packed with gastro-surprises and an exclusive family area.

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Green Spot BCN vegan restaurant.

Recently opened Green Spot is Barcelona’s new vegan restaurant. It offers a vast amount of vegan options on it’s menu, which are incredibly beautiful and colourful to look at but most importantly absolutely delicious.

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