Smile is a service / production company founded in 2005 by Alvaro Weber and Sandy Reay. We service projects across Spain and represent international directors for the Spanish/European markets. We produce TV, online, photography, design and more.

Style does not exist it is just in our heads, an idea like the concept of time. Style is the image we make, through our own creativity, intelligence and taste that reflects our understanding of the world around us.

The more precise and unique ones vision is, the stronger ones sense of style.

With a new generation of people we look for new challenges, collaborations with the like-minded.  To inject the world with new ideas and try out new things, defining new standards along the way.

Smile is a multi-media, award-winning group of talent across the board of service and production. We are a boutique family with an extensive history of production and clients from around the world.

Clients & Collegues